Hannah Bonjer

Studio HNNH is a studio for visual communication that aims to create meaningful and conceptual visual solutions with clarity, simplicity and precision. It specializes in way finding, textile and printmaking. Aside from that the studio takes on every challenge, from visual solutions to strategic brand positioning.

From being a motivating leader for a design team to working as a hands-on designer within a larger team, from project manager to strategist and from an analytic researcher to creative director, I am equally confident in a range of roles.

My managerial skills add value to my creative abilities. As a designer and creative director, I work independently, skilfully engaging talents based on specific requirements, making sure that all the parties involved contribute to their best ability.

I understand the system and value empathy. I work expertly in different media, on complex assignments, aiming to create meaningful concepts and well-structured, applicable solutions with systematic clarity, simplicity and precision.

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